student wellbeing

Our school wellbeing programs support and enhance student participation, attendance and learning.

student leadership

School captains are elected by the school at the end of the year for the following year. Captains will be presented with a Captain or Vice-Captain badge at the beginning of the year.

Captains will be involved in fundraising activities throughout the year, usually focusing on 3-4 per year (e.g. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas). Captains will meet regularly with the Principal to discuss and plan activities.

Select senior students and School Captains are provided with the opportunity to attend the GRIP leadership conference in Sale to develop leadership skills and habits. All students have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in our school and are actively involved in decision making processes.



chaplaincy program

The school has a Chaplain who works within the school on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

The Chaplain works with students on wood work projects, as well as mending and improving the school grounds and gardens, and playing board games such as chess.  When required, the Chaplain also assists staff with core learning and provides pastoral care to staff, students and families as needed.




Attendance Awards

The school runs an attendance program which encourages students to come to school every day.  Attendances are tallied each term and students who attend school the most number of days are awarded a certificate at the start of the following term.  Students who have attended the most days for the year receive a voucher and certificate which is presented at the school concert.


150 Nights Reading Awards

All students are encouraged to read each night.  Students keep a record of their reading and this is reported to their teacher.  They receive certificates and recognition for reaching milestones such as 25, 50, 75 nights etc.  At the end of the year students that have reached 150 nights are able to participate in an exclusive activity such as a trip to the cinema.

Other Awards

The school encourages students to always do their best, and Grade 6 Graduation is a time when their achievements can be recognised. The school therefore, may give additional awards to graduating students based on special abilities, achievements, or how they have grown as members of both the school and wider community.

Loch Sport Lions selects a graduating student to receive a very special scholarship voucher to be used at their chosen Secondary College, which is presented to the selected student at the school concert.