school council & parents

We welcome and are most grateful for the contribution made by parents to our school programs.

parental involvement

There are numerous ways parents can become involved in the school such as:

  • Becoming a member of the School Council
  • Helping in the classroom
  • Attending working bees
  • Participating on excursions

If you are interested in becoming involved in any way, please see your child’s teacher.



school council

The School Council is the governing body of the school and operates in accordance with the various School Council Acts.

Responsibilities of the School Council include:

  • Policy and Curriculum
  • Finance and Budget
  • Buildings and Environment
  • Social and Fundraising



Sub-committees of the council may be formed to deal with the above areas, as well as special events. 
Sub- Committees consist of representatives from: School Council, School Staff, and the wider school community.


The current structure of the School Council consists of:
3 Parents
2 DEECD (including school Principal who is a compulsory member)


Council nominations are held each year for parent members, with 2 retiring one year & 1 retiring the alternating year. DEECD member also serves a 2 year term.  All eligible councillors may stand for re-election.

Council Meetings

School Council meetings are usually held twice each term, with a minimum of 8 required per year.  An AGM must take place once per year, early in term 1.  A copy of the Minutes of meetings is placed on the noticeboard outside the office for school community to read.


fundraising activities

The school holds regular fundraising activities throughout the year, preferring to choose events and activities that the students can be involved in, relate to, and learn from.  Some of these include stalls for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, raffles, special lunch days, and family fun activity days.

Click here for the Fundraising Policy